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About four months ago, in June, the United Kingdom faced tremendous backlash as the result of an incident involving medical marijuana that took place in London, England. At this time, the Home Office seized a prescription for Epidiolex (a CBD-infused medication used to treat seizures) that had been shipped in from Canada at Heathrow Airport. Due to the restrictions on the drug in the UK, the mother of Billy Caldwell (a boy suffering from a rare form of epilepsy) was forced to purchase her son’s cannabis oil through Canadian channels. Once the product was seized, the public erupted into a firestorm of outrage. As a result, the UK government had decided to rethink its policies on cannabis. Now, as of today, officials are finally taking another key step towards the pro-weed movement. Let’s take a closer look at how the United Kingdom is loosening its grip on marijuana regulations.

Specialized Licenses for Treatment

Following the issue involving the CBD oil at Heathrow, Billy Caldwell received a specialized license to receive the Epidiolex treatment. Even more interesting, Alfie (another child caught up in a similar case) was also granted permission to consume medical cannabis. So what else has the government done in recent months since the events?

Following public outcry over the issue, Home Secretary Sajid Javid instigated a re-review of the United Kingdom’s policy for medical marijuana. As a result, officials narrowed down some interesting results. In the end, the review declared that medical-grade cannabis could provide therapeutic benefits and healing properties, and, ultimately, doctors should have the lawful right to prescribe the drug. In light of these results, Secretary Javid set up his plans to reschedule marijuana.

Who Is Eligible?

Unlike several states in the U.S., the United Kingdom’s medical cannabis policy is based on qualifying conditions, ultimately determined by criteria for an “unmet clinical need.” In other words, only medical specialists will wield the power to prescribe the drug. Overall, 80,000 specialists are currently registered by the UK’s National Health Service and must determine that no other medications have cured/eased a patient’s symptoms.

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