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Over the course of several years, the world has watched as multiple countries have started to accept marijuana and fully legalize the little green plant (either for medical or recreational use). Recently, Canada entered the race by permitting recreational cannabis (October 17, 2018) and producing major players in the emerging weed industry. Meanwhile, Australia has pushed ahead as the first country to conduct a clinical trial on marijuana-accompaniment therapy for brain cancer patients and has also legalized medical cannabis. While the United States and Mexico are still teetering on the edge, another European player has taken a positive stance on the drug. Let’s travel across the Atlantic Ocean to the Iberian Peninsula and see how the beautiful country of Portugal is tackling legalized weed.

Gem of the Iberian Peninsula

A neighbor of bustling Spain, Portugal is a relatively small country filled with an overwhelming passionate lifestyle and amazing culture. Semi-tropical and arid, this lovely place offers a variety of sights including the historic castles and fortifications of Centro de Portugal, where armies defended attacks from the sea. White-washed buildings and multi-colored flowers line the streets of multiple towns and seaside villages. For the thrill-seeker, the Azores and Madeira offer a tropical island escape, as well as some of the best fishing on the planet. People come here to escape, and it is easy to see why they love it so much.

Freedom to Smoke

Only recently, the Portuguese government officially permitted medical marijuana to residents. Earlier this year (in June 2018), the country’s parliamentary members prodigiously approved the passing of the bill after preceding failures, in which officials did not allow people to grow the drug in residential homes. Ironically, this legalization of weed comes on the heels of an issue in 2001, where Portugal outlawed all mind-altering drugs to prevent the spread of a heroin epidemic. However, at this time, the country serves as a powerhouse in the pro-cannabis movement, only second to Italy and Germany.

To use the drug legally in the country, Portuguese people must obtain a license from Infarmed, a group that started developing high-THC strains of marijuana in central Portugal.

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