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Over the course of several years, the little green plant called marijuana has left quite a large impact on American society and culture, in some particularly fascinating ways. Now, scientists are exploring opportunities to use the drug as accompaniment therapy for chemo, and additional research is being conducted on medical marijuana for children and young adults suffering from ADHD. Even now, Epidiolex (a cannabinoid oil used for seizures) has been approved and set on the market as non-controlled substance. While several states including Washington and Colorado have paved the way for recreational use, some states like Illinois, Indiana, and South Dakota do not seem ready to change their opinions on the drug. While we have seen changes in the south (with Florida and Louisiana), we have yet to see changes in other major states in this region. Let’s take a closer look at some facts about cannabis laws in Mississippi, the Magnolia State.

Mississippi Delta

Like its neighbor Louisiana, Mississippi is a mysterious, backwater state that is filled with endless stretches of mysterious, spooky bayous and shadowy island coves. Off the coast, visitors can find adventure on the state’s large bays and visit some unique locations including Cat Island, Deer Island, and Horn Island. Overall, the Magnolia State boasts a humid, subtropical climate with particularly hot and sticky summer months and currently holds a record for being impacted by two of the deadliest tornados in U.S. history. While Mississippi might be simple and (at times) deadly, the state still has much to offer the daring nature-lover.

Magnolia Marijuana

At this time, Mississippi does not stand out as a state that is welcoming to marijuana, and the state does not appear to be making any changes any time soon. As of now, people who are found guilty of marijuana possession (30 grams) can be convicted of a felony and face a jail time of 2 to 30 years. Depending on how much weed the person had held, the fines can range from $1,000 to $1 million. Overall, possession of marijuana is considered a severe criminal act.

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