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As the marijuana debate continues to leave its green mark across the world, multiple countries are starting to sway in favor of the little green plant. At this time, the United States has officially released Epidiolex on the market as an uncontrolled pharmaceutical medication. Meanwhile, scientists in Australia are conducting the world’s first clinical trial that will investigate marijuana’s benefits on brain tumor patients undergoing chemotherapy. Simultaneously, the tiny island nation of Vanuatu is preparing to test the effects of cannabis on Type-2 diabetes, an illness that is running rampant through the residents of this Pacific gem. Needless to say, the world is in a green uproar, but one particularly interesting marijuana hotspot (besides the Netherlands) is Spain. Let’s take a closer look at some facts about legal cannabis in this beautiful, exotic country.

Mediterranean Kingdom

Nestled on the Iberian Peninsula next to Portugal, Spain is one of the most exotic countries in Western Europe and offers visitors and locals a special look at a dark, mystical past. Over 35,000 years ago, people first populated this peninsula and remained forcefully independent from invaders, like armies from the Byzantine Empire to the East. At one point, the Spanish formed the world’s first global empire and have since remained the Kingdom of Spain (despite the fact the country is still called “Spain”). Visitors and locals will enjoy eerie time traveling expeditions as they take in ancient cave paintings and Celtic monuments and explore the center of Toledo, capital of the Visigoth Kingdom. Nowadays, Spain is also home to a slew of film festivals and has produced some remarkable actors including Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem, and Penélope Cruz.

Pot Professionals

Besides Iceland and the United States, Spain boasts the highest percentage of “pot experience” out of all the world’s countries. As of July 2015, the government officially decriminalized cannabis cultivation, which ultimately resulted in a massive spike in marijuana clubs (700 exist now). Nevertheless, smokers and consumers must be 21 years old to be considered legal users. Despite the fact that the drug is not technically 100% legal in the country, visitors can still indulge (under very strict regulations). However, the Spanish government will crack down on smoking in public places.

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