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As the great marijuana debate continues to rage across the United States of America, more and more states seem to be swaying in favor of the pro-cannabis movement. At this time, the Pacific Coast is the most dominant front in our country, fully allowing the use of recreational cannabis use and cultivation (with the exception of Hawaii, which only allows medical-grade weed). Meanwhile, the Atlantic seaboard is definitely bearing witness to change as Massachusetts prepares to set up the first legal recreational dispensary east of the Rockies. So where does that leave the small state’s cousin West Virginia? After all, its neighbor Virginia is still holding fast to marijuana restrictions. So how does the smaller of the dynamic duo handle the little green plant? Let’s take a closer look at some facts about legal cannabis in West Virginia.

Small Wonder

Nestled next to Ohio (the heartland of the U.S.) and rugged Pennsylvania, West Virginia might be small, but it is still one of the prettiest states on the East Coast. Interestingly, this little state broke away from its larger cousin during a rigorous separation from the Confederacy, which Virginia allied with (1861). While West Virginia is listed as a southern state, we know the truth. The aptly named Mountain State is just as much a part of New England’s rugged wonders as Vermont or Massachusetts. Anyone who has passed through this lovely little state will tell you of its beautiful rolling hills and mountains. Likewise, thrill-seekers will enjoy a smorgasbord of heart-pounding activities including white-water rafting, biking, backpacking, rock climbing, fishing, and hunting. Not to mention that some of the best athletes in our country stem from this tiny state.

Topic of Debate

While medical cannabis is 100% illegal in West Virginia, state lawmakers are still discussing further plans for marijuana legalization, overall. Since 2017, patients have had the legal right to use the fragrant herb (or pot-infused products) to help them cope with medical problems, but the first dispensaries will not open until 2019. Also, keep in mind that West Virginia allows all forms of pot consumption, with the huge exception of smoking. So, in other words, patients will be able to purchase and use pills, edibles, topicals, patches, and more (just no joints or flowers). Meanwhile, possession of marijuana (without a medical card) can result in six-month incarceration and a fine of $1,000.

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