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Prescription drugs have been proven to be something of a double-edged sword in our country, particularly with the onset of the Opioid Crisis and the legalization of medical marijuana in several U.S. States. Recent statistics also show that a staggering 20% of people (ranging from 12 years and older) suffer from a form of prescription drug abuse during their lives. Besides the young generation, however, we must also turn our eyes to the elder adult community, a group that is placed at a great risk for developing problems related to drug abuse. So why is this problem so severe? Let’s take a closer look at the source and find out.

A Look at Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse occurs when someone uses a medication (more specifically, a control substance) for alternative reasons (e.g. achieving a “high,” or escaping a stressful situation). This process also takes place when patients attempt to mix alcoholic beverages with their prescription drugs. Some of the most commonly abused drugs include opioids, stimulants, and CNS depressants. As a result of mixing substances, people can experience adverse side effects or (in the worst case scenario) die. Likewise, drug abuse could potentially lead to addictive tendencies.

How Older Adults Can Fall Victim to Drug Abuse

Overall, older adults can easily fall victim to drug abuse given the fact that they are exposed to so many forms of medications at this stage of their life. Doctors will often prescribe potentially addictive substances like opioids for pain management therapy and benzodiazepines to block anxiety. As the body ages, it can no longer filter out toxic substances the way it used to, resulting in a potentially higher risk for dependency.

According to statistics collected by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), an average of 3 to 10 individuals (falling in the range of 57 to 85 years of age) use approximately 5 different prescription medications. Medical professionals argue that another primary reason abuse is so hard to identify in older adults is that side effects and behavioral patterns are (at times) similar to the signs of aging (e.g. memory loss and confusion).

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