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Did you know that, daily, an estimated 3,200 teenagers (ranging from 18 years and younger in age) started smoking their first cigarettes? Did you ever hear that approximately 2,100 teens and young adults become chain smokers as the result of casual smoking? These statistics and more suggest a serious trend in the young citizens of our country and also shed light on another popular form of smoking: vaping. Even more frightening, the use of these e-cigarettes can open the floodgates for nicotine addiction down the road. Furthermore, when you couple these facts with the recent revelation that 2.1 million American teens place cannabis (marijuana) concentrate in their e-cigs for vaping, you realize this problem has taken a different turn. Here is a closer look at the problem with marijuana vaping amongst teenagers.

Recreational vs. Medical Marijuana

First, let’s address a root of this problem: the discussion on legalized marijuana.

Over the years, people have been fairly divided about the positives and negatives of recreational and medicinal use of this plant-derived drug. Since 2016, several states have legalized the public use of the drug but still require users to be at least 21 years old. Meanwhile, at least 25 states have allowed physicians to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients (doctors must possess a marijuana license issued by the state). Of course, there is also the discussion about approval from the Food and Drug Administration, which has not officially approved the drug.

The Growing Trend of Cannabis Vaping

Nevertheless, scientists have recently determined that 1 in 11 teens (an estimated 2.1 million 6th-12th graders) are putting marijuana products in their e-cigarettes (one of the most popular alternatives to tobacco-based cigarettes in recent years). Additional research revealed that a total of 1.7 million high schoolers and 425,000 children in middle school will use e-cigs to smoke cannabis. How is this possible, you may ask?

Rather than using marijuana, young users are inserting cartridges infused with cannabis concentrate (derived from the flower of the marijuana plant) into e-cigs, instead of the regular nicotine-based option. Furthermore, these cannabis packets contain high concentrations of THC, allowing for a more “focused high.”

Medical professionals stress that this study has shed light on our perceptions of cannabis use in social circles. Likewise, these statistics have shed light on the dangerous problems of the recreational use of marijuana at specific grade levels. 

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