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Life can a be a rewarding and enriching experience. Sadly, there are some who fall prey to drugs and develop life-altering addictions. The impacts of substance abuse have substantial effects on the foundations of health, family, and economic welfare. Substance abuse is characterized by compulsive drug seeking behavior, despite known harmful consequences to the user.

Although seemingly innocent, initial experimentation with drugs can quickly escalate to chronic consumption. Most people begin to use drugs out of the simple desire to feel better. Often times sensations of fun and excitement are associated with each use. This becomes risky as those once feel-good sensations are replaced with a dependency to feel normal.

A person with a substance dependency engages in out of character behavior. Alcohol, for example, has detrimental effects on the heart, brain, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Even with evidence of deteriorating health, a user may reject the notion to discontinue.

The effects of substance abuse breach relationships with family and friends. To avoid exposure, people with addiction conceal their use through narrowing their association to loved ones. Persistent use often leads to conflicts of trust within families. Feelings of guilt, shame, resentment, and anxiety rise as rifts in the relationships are created.

Financial welfare is hindered as monetary resources are used to sustain addiction. Numerous studies suggest that substance abuse has negative effects on the workplace in terms of productivity, accident risk, health costs, and ultimately employment retention.

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