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Needless to say, the world was surprised when Thailand announced its plans to move forward with the legalization of medical marijuana and kratom. However, once the country’s new initiative received widespread support, chief lawmakers decided to take the next steps to review and finalize the amendment. If this initiative is integrated into existing drug laws, Thailand will have officially become the next major country to make marijuana a legal form of medication. Ultimately, patients suffering from severe forms of illnesses will finally have an alternative treatment. So what has transpired in the Thai government and how could this impact the global marijuana industry? Pack your sunglasses and sunhat as we travel to Thailand to learn more about this latest event in Southeast Asia.

Big Changes in Little Thailand

Overall, the new initiative aims to legalize the use of medical-grade marijuana and kratom as a means of drug-accompaniment therapy for patients. Ultimately, to ensure this law is brought to light, Thai lawmakers will eventually need to make big changes to the current Narcotics Act. At this time, 44 members of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) have developed the aforementioned proposal, which, according to Thai news sources, would include the following rules:

  • Cannabis and kratom will be fully legal for medical purposes.
  • The Office of the Narcotics Control Board will oversee and regulate sites for cannabis growth and production.
  • Thailand’s public health minister and a narcotics control committee would team up to supervise the new cannabis program.
  • Groups including the Red Cross, Government Pharmaceutical Organization, Thai administrative agencies, ministries, and medical experts to possess the cannabis drug.
  • Patients can register to receive full access to the plant.
  • People convicted for previous marijuana-related offenses cannot receive medical cannabis.

Overwhelming Public Support

Most importantly, this piece of legislation has not just received overwhelming support from politicians but has also been widely accepted by the public, despite the rough road through public hearings (a requirement in the Thailand Constitution). According to NLA reports, about 99.03% of Thai residents fully approve the legalization of medical marijuana and medical-grade kratom.

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