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For the most part, you can understand why marijuana activists and teetotalers are so quick to compare alcohol and marijuana. After all, both substances have always been at the heart of major controversies and can entice future problems with addiction if abused. At least, that is what mainstream media has reported for years. Nowadays, however, this perception about the little green plant appears to be changing. In the marijuana community and the rest of the public, people are beginning to notice that marijuana and alcohol are not as alike as they had originally believed. In fact, there are hardly any similarities at all. How is this possible? Let’s take a closer look at the truth about the comparison of alcohol and marijuana throughout the years.

Reefer Madness and Booze Toting

Needless to say, marijuana has never had a good public image in past decades. Starting with the Reefer Madness epidemic in the early 1900s, the little green plant was perceived as a potentially deadly substance that could permanently destroy a person’s body and mind (much like alcohol). (However, keep in mind that studies have shown that marijuana can impede teenage brain development.) Let’s also not forget the concept of how alcohol and marijuana are judged based on a variety of moral spectrums in the United States and the world, due to different religious or spiritual practices.

So what is not to understand? After all, both alcohol and marijuana are intoxicating, deadly substances, right?

According to scientists, this is not the case at all.

A Matter of Illness

Besides the string of people who take CBD for epilepsy or arthritis, millions of Americans might fall into the category of recreational users (given the fact they don’t have a registered illness), but, in reality, these people are using the little herb to treat minimal problems like menstrual cramps and anxiety. Ultimately, though, doctors still consider marijuana as having medicinal value.

While people replace alcohol with marijuana, that is not necessarily out of habit due to addiction or abuse. Sometimes, the fragrant plant might serve a medical purpose. Nevertheless, like any medication, it should be used with caution.

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