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Ever since marijuana gained acceptance in 33 states and the American capital (Washington D.C.), more patients and recreational users have been able to gain access to the perpetuated benefits of the little green plant. From the Pacific power players to the Eastern establishers, the herb is gaining more of a foothold as lawmakers push ahead for federal legalization. While citizens with licenses can purchase the plant, though, the scientific community isn’t so lucky. In fact, according to reports, the public is receiving more high-quality products than some laboratories. So why are so many brilliant minds having a hard time obtaining high-quality materials for testing? Let’s take a closer look and examine the facts.

All about the Paperwork and Money

In recent events, a research base at the University of Mississippi has earned a status as being one of the few scientific locations that has been officially certified to cultivate and test pot. However, the process of getting permission is nothing short of exhausting. From endless piles of paperwork to a dreadful lack of funding (on part of the government) to lengthy certifications for scientists, the process usually produces marijuana plants that are nothing short of unhealthy and (for lack of a better word) nasty. According to Peter Grinspoon (a physician and board member of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation), the stock of weed is comparable to compost from a garbage dump.

Lack of Research, Dire Consequences

Although medical and recreational marijuana have grown in popularity, one major roadblock stands in the way of the public and scientists: federal law. While marijuana is state-legal (in 33 states), the little green plant is still 100% illegal on the federal level (excluding its little friend hemp). Over the course of several years, random marijuana studies have proven the drug is an ideal medication for patients suffering from debilitating illnesses, but scientists cannot provide quality results when their test subjects are far from high-quality.

Although the Drug Enforcement Agency has supported medical marijuana research, it refuses to declassify marijuana from a controlled to non-controlled substance. Overall, the situation is confusing.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder  

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