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Since recreational marijuana was first legalized on October 17, 2018, Canadians from Edmonton to Newfoundland (as well as the Northwest Territories) have been celebrating the official integration of this little green herb. From the beginning, people were ready and waiting to purchase bulk flowers, edibles, and paraphernalia at a variety of dispensaries across the country. Even a store in Alderville has started offering gourmet pot-infused chocolates and drinks to locations that have not received these products, as of yet. However, in recent weeks, that has been the precise issue faced by Canadians: lack of product. Although the drug is 100% legal, people still cannot get their hands on the little green herb due to nationwide problems with supply. So why does Canada have a small product quantity for a large demand? Let’s take a closer look at the problem with the “dry weed supply” of our northern neighbor.

Shortage of Weed

Once the little herb was legalized in the Canadian provinces (and territories), customers swarmed online shops, dispensaries, and stores to obtain the drug. As a result, the legal weed industry experienced a colossal spike in sales. However, in recent weeks, the Canadian market has experienced a new problem: failing to keep up with and meet demands. Due to this problem, some shops had to shut down (temporarily) or have been forced to cut back on hours of operations. Likewise, some dispensaries are listing products as “out-of-stock.”

For Obvious Reasons

Experts indicate that a variety of issues have caused this nationwide dry spell. Obviously, due to the high demand for the drug, some shops dealt with large quantities of customers for multiple days, and (as a result) the business owners struggled to maintain a steady supply of marijuana. (Also, keep in mind that some provinces already do not have enough weed to provide a large supply to dispensaries.) Other experts believe an overall lack-of-expertise on part of business owners and growers has also contributed to the problem since many people launched into marijuana production without understanding how to keep up with demand.

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