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No matter what cause they get behind, celebrities always seem to be eager to make a bold statement, whether it’s through fashion, lifestyle choices, or civil disobedience. Perhaps one of the best examples of positive and negative celebrity promotions can be found in the marijuana community, which has either benefited or suffered at the hands of various promoters. From Snoop Dogg to Whiz Khalifa and from Kristen Bell to Susan Sarandon, celebrities from all corners of the entertainment industry have emerged to voice their support for the little green plant. However, not everything is merry in the land of Kush and toking. Based on a recent article, actor/comedian Seth Rogen and rapper Waka Flocka joined forces over marijuana, but the relationship was quickly terminated. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly happened.

Four Years in the Making

Back in 2014, rapper Waka Flocka posted a career vacancy on two social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter) asking for a professional joint roller (you read that correctly). Overall, the job of personal “blunt and joint roller” for Waka Flocka promised a $55,000 annual salary as a launching point. Needless to say, the rapper got a lot more attention than expected. Ultimately, hundreds of potential candidates signed up to fill the position, but only one person stood out from the crowd.

On September 15, Flocka received a tweet saying “Hit me up” from none other than Seth Rogen. Later, the rapper tweeted a humorous photoshopped image and a message informing Rogen that he was officially hired.

So what happened to muss this up?

Quick Termination

Although everything seemed fine, in April 2018, Rogen guest-starred on Shade45 (a morning hip-hop station created by rapper Eminem) and shed more light on the event surrounding his “hire and fire.” After the interaction with Flocka, Rogen did not end up rolling a single joint, and the rapper did not pay him the allotted amount. Ultimately, DJ Whoo Kidd (host of Shade45) attempted to get Flocka on the air via a live call, with no success. After the interview aired, Flocka confirmed that he had fired Rogen via a tweet, but the comedian was not pleased at all.

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