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Besides the opium poppy (at least at one point), marijuana might be one of the most highly-regarded forms of natural medicines that have been cultivated throughout human history. Over the course of thousands of years, societies across Central Asia used this multipurpose little plant as a source for materials (e.g. rope, paper, clothing, and more) and nutritious seeds (which boost the production of fatty acids). After a while, the herb gained a following as a factor of spirituality and religious practice, becoming a symbol of godlike wisdom and serenity from India to the Caribbean. However, how has the little green plant been used as a form of medication throughout these years? Let’s take a closer look and trace the history of medical marijuana.

Chinese Pharmacopeia

According to historical research, some of the earliest documentation of medical marijuana were produced by the Chinese Emperor Shen-nung. In the massive index Pen Ts’ao Ching, the emperor lists marijuana as a medication for malaria, rheumatism, reproductive problems (for women), and (in a bizarre twist) absentmindedness. (Reports confirm this book may have been produced as far back as 2,700 B.C.)

Moving to the West

Ultimately, marijuana reached further and further west almost 3,000 years ago. For example, archaeologists discovered pots of marijuana in a 2,500 burial chamber containing a young Siberian woman, who had died from complications related to breast cancer. At some point, marijuana spread into Western medicine after its introduction to the Greeks. Based on reports, Galen (a Greek physician) has been considered the first Westerner to use marijuana (specifically hemp) as a form of medication back in 200 A.D.

Eventually, the little green plant reached the foothold of the Europeans. Even Queen Victoria’s personal physician Sir J. Russell Reynolds gave the Queen prescription Cannabis indica as a form of medication for her menstrual cramps. Perhaps, however, one of the best reports of medical cannabis came from William Brooke O’Shaughnessy (a British man who worked in India), who used this multipurpose herb to help people suffering from tetanus, rabies, and additional maladies.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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