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Every time we turn around, the little green plant called marijuana continues to hit another speed bump on the road to legalization around the world, which is not that surprising. After all, this plant is still classified as a potentially addictive substance (regardless of scientific evidence on the contrary) and is not exactly at the top-spot of popularity. Regardless of initial opinions, though, countries around the world are beginning to open their doors to the health benefits of this little herb. So, with strings of fans around the world, you can begin to understand why people were upset when the United Nations failed to reschedule marijuana at its 61st session in December 2018. Let’s take a closer look at this green cloud of confusion and find out some more information.

No Time for Pot

Based on a recent recommendation provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), multitudes of people strongly believed the Centers for Disease Control would remove THC (the most potent cannabinoid in marijuana) from Schedules I and IV and reinstate it as a Schedule II (uncontrolled) substance. Although drugs like fentanyl, , and spice (synthetic cannabinoids) received the full spotlight during the 61st session, marijuana has been pushed further down the line until a final decision is reached in March 2019. Needless to say, the public is far from happy.

Why Focus on THC?

Based on reports, officials cannot fully determine why the public believed THC was going to be included on this agenda. In June 2018, the WHO recommended that CBD should be descheduled and also made note of the long lineup of therapeutic effects on cannabis. Likewise, the report also indicated the importance of cannabis research in regards to toxicology and the impact of the drug on teen brains.

According to reports, one of the most vocal combatants of marijuana legalization was the representative of China. Ultimately, the argument focused on the fact that other drugs can replace cannabis, and relaxing the grip on this potentially addictive drug could wreak havoc. As for what the future holds for the little green plant, all we can do is watch and wait.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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