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If you have sometimes wondered how the Opioid Crisis got out of hand, you are one of millions around the world who are asking this same question. Did it start with the black market or spawn from opioid prescriptions? After all, most opioids (with the exception of heroin and a few others) are 100% legal and prescribed by physicians on a daily basis. With strings of overdoses taking place around the country (about 117,000 Americans died in 2015 alone), you may begin to understand why officials have shifted from fighting the crisis out of concern to battling it out of desperation. In response to this conflict, one notable manufacturer is going to start selling generic version of Naloxone pens in a last-ditch effort to help people protect themselves. Even more relieving, the medication will be much lower in price than its cousin. Let’s take a closer look at why the variant of Naloxone will drop in price by 2019.

Responding to the Opioid Epidemic

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, Kaleo announced its plans to offer a generic variety of the Naloxone auto-injector for a much lower price than the brand name product sometime in 2019. Recently, members of the company made this decision following a report that the Virginia-based company had boosted the prices of its Naloxone kits by 600%, in a direct response to the Opioid Crisis. However, as part of the announcement, Kaleo revealed that it would release generic Evzio at a price of $178 per carton (in contrast to the brand product price of $4,000). This price drop will also apply to the drug kits that are purchased by government agencies.

Protecting the Public from Destruction

In a release issued by Kaleo, Spencer Williamson (the president and CEO of the company) announced that he and his team recognize the severity of the Opioid Crisis and have come to the conclusion that more steps need to be taken to combat it directly. Overall, the generic Evzio kits contain two auto-injector pens and will only be offered through a Kaleo subsidiary.

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