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Drug addiction affects millions of people worldwide. There are many reasons why people use drugs. Some try them and become addicted because of peer pressure, others use drugs because life has not been kind to them. It doesn’t matter how or why you became addicted to drugs, but what does matter is that help is available to you. The team at Asana Recovery employs a variety of approaches and tactics to lead you to a lasting, healthy recovery. Properly dosed and maintained medication is just one step in that process.

Today, medicine is a powerful tool used to treat addiction. Not only does it help to reduce withdrawal symptoms, but it also helps addicts recover and establish healthy eating habits.

List of Medications Used to Treat Addiction and Detoxification:

Alcohol Addiction

  • Acamprosate
  • Vigabatrin
  • Disulfiram
  • Topiramate
  • Mirtazapine

Opiate Addiction

  • Buprenorphine
  • Gabapentin
  • Naltrexone
  • Baclofen
  • Mirtazapine

Why These Prescriptions Are Used and How They Work:

For someone who has an addiction to alcohol, and wants to stop drinking, one medication they might want to consider is Disulfiram. If a person drinks the slightest bit of alcohol while taking this medication, they will have adverse reactions such as distorted vision, vomiting, trouble breathing, diarrhea, and headache. An individual experiences these symptoms because the prescription does not allow the system to absorb the toxins of the alcohol as usual. In fact, research shows that when Disulfiram is taken consistently, it has been known to absolve a person’s desire to drink.

It is typical that individuals who are addicted to drugs, such as an opiate like heroin, to lose their appetite. It’s very difficult to see a loved one who has a problem with drugs lose weight because their addiction robs them of their basic instinct to eat. This is where the medicine called Mirtazapine comes in. Mirtazapine triggers receptors in the brain that send hunger signals to your body. As this medication stimulates hunger pangs, the individual establishes healthy eating habits, their body is strengthened and begins to heal itself. Eating nutrient-rich foods is essential as they endure the trying detoxification process, as well as afterward.

The medical field has come a long way in terms of reducing the effects of detoxification and increasing your chance of recovery from your addiction. People addicted to drugs or alcohol don’t have to go through withdrawal without interventions; there is help, and prescription drugs are readily available to help people overcome their addiction.

However, as with all medication, these should not be taken without the guidance of a trained medical professional like those at Asana Recovery. Whatever the addiction, it’s important you begin your process towards recovery with a trained team of experts ready to help you no matter the situation. Contact us today at 949-438-4504.