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Recently, a researcher at Harvard University conducted a study on the potential benefits of the little green plant called marijuana for (in an interesting twist) menstrual pain. While we are familiar with the notions of this little herb’s potential to help people manage discomfort, the concept of this drug being an alleviant for cramps and bloating is quite interesting. Paired with the Foria brand, this program will review how the Foria marijuana suppositories will affect a group of 400 women over several months. Overall, this marks the first clinical trial of its kind (next to the Australian brain tumor assessment) and could open brand new channels for menstrual pain relievers. Let’s take a closer look at what roles marijuana could play in women’s health studies.

Why Is Cannabis Good for Menstrual Pain?

For thousands of years, the cannabis plant has been used to treat a variety of pain problems. According to Dr. Mary Clifton (a CBD expert and a licensed medical marijuana provider in New York State), most people consider that menstrual pain directly stems from the production of prostaglandins (through the breakdown and dissolving of nasty fats). However, when this process takes place, female endocannabinoid systems are put on high alert, waking up CB receptors in the area of the reproductive organs.

So, what does this mean exactly? In an interesting twist, our bodies are literally waiting for cannabinoids to alleviate the pain. For this reason, Dr. Clifton recommends intravaginal or oral pills to ward off the nasty cramps.

Will This Become a Popular Topic with Doctors Now?

Ultimately, as Dr. Clifton explains, this factor depends on the experience of the doctors and their personal preferences. Overall, she explains how CBD suppositories fall into the same category as yoga or advanced chiropractic work is outside the range of western doctors. In other words, while physicians would like to recommend certain products, they are not equipped with the knowledge to do so.

Is CBD Better Than THC?

Dr. Clifton explains that this, like the drug’s influence on Western medicine, completely relies on the preferences of the person taking it. However, as the medical field continues to change, she has expressed hope that opinions on cannabidiol will follow suit.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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