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What You Need to Know About Drug Called “Poppers”


When you hear the word “poppers,” you might have a tendency to think about bite-sized popcorn shrimp or deep-friend jalapeno peppers wrapped in molten cheese. However, an alternative form of “poppers” isn’t your typical comfort food, instead, it is a drug. In fact, these substances are far from comforting. Derived from a variety of chemicals (including amyl nitrate), the “poppers” in question are a string of inhalants (deadly drugs derived from household chemicals) that first gained popularity for releasing an overwhelmingly potent high that lasts for about a couple seconds. Receiving mixed reviews from hardcore drug users, we can all agree that an inhalant stemming from a former heart medication is nothing short of toxic. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about “poppers.”

From Heart Medication to Abused Drug

Originally, “poppers” became popular (no pun intended) in the 1960s, when amyl nitrate was initially sold as a drug for heart patients. Ultimately, the name “popper” stems from the fact that people originally had to break open capsules to release the medication. This Resulting in a “snapping” or “popping” sound. Although it is rarely used to treat heart problems nowadays, poppers are notoriously cheap. As a result, are frequently abused. Popular in clubs and parties, these drugs are often used as substitutes to other hardcore substances like LSD or ecstasy.

Insane Emotional and Physical Rush

Poppers are considered a combination of methamphetamine and ecstasy. Especially in terms of the drugs’ ability to warp physical and emotional sensations. Poppers are a form of vasodilators, meaning they open up blood vessels and decrease blood pressure. This results in a wave of dizziness and wooziness. Likewise, these drugs will also stimulate tachycardia (rapid heartbeat). They can also induce particularly disturbing bouts of sexual activity and libido.

In fact, scientists have reported (on several occasions) that these drugs are the equivalent of the date rape drug for gay men, as poppers are a popular substance among this subculture. Given the fact that the drug relaxes muscles (all muscles) and causes wooziness, you can understand why these men are in a particularly dangerous position.

Seeking Treatment for Inhalant Addiction or Abuse

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