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What’s the Difference Between Smoking Tobacco and Pornography?

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Using advanced brain-imaging techniques known as functional-magnetic-resonance-imaging (fMRI), researchers have studied the brains of addicts of all kinds. Some of the results have been unexpected and astonishing. In this instance, you will see the correlation between smoking tobacco products and viewing pornography.

For example, when examining the brains of a person under the influence of nicotine and a person viewing pornography, the images appear nearly identical.

In other words, pornography use provides levels of feel-good chemicals and activates parts of the brain similar to that of nicotine.

Addictions Don’t Discriminate in the Brain

That might sound extreme and unbelievable, but it’s true. In fact, some therapists and scientists have argued that pornography can actually be more addictive than nicotine or even cocaine. While a substance like nicotine has to be delivered to the body via smoking or vaping, pornography reaches the brain immediately straight through the eyes and ears.

Porn use affects a wide range of feel-good chemicals, including oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and just about every other chemical in the brain associated with well-being. Most drugs do not affect the whole spectrum of endorphins and tend to work with dopamine more than anything else.

Addiction comes in many forms. The two things all addictions have in common are determinantal effects on a person’s life, body, and relationships in response to an all-encompassing need to achieve the chemical high produced by engaging in certain behaviors or ingesting certain substances.

While tobacco hurts the body immensely, behavioral or arousal addictions tend to have more of a psychological impact. They can cause a user severe depression, anxiety, mood swings, and more.

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