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The sudden cessation or rapid reduction of the use of a drug will cause an individual to experience a predictable group of symptoms known as withdrawal. The type, severity, and duration of the symptoms will depend on the specific drug at issue. While some drugs are more likely to result in physical symptoms of withdrawal, other drugs are more likely to cause emotional symptoms.

While the length of the withdrawal period may be influenced by a variety of other factors including genetics, physical and mental health, family history of use, and length and intensity of prior use, the main factor influencing the length of withdrawal is the drug itself.

Common Withdrawal Duration by Substance

Heroin: begins within 12 hours; peaks between 24-48 hours; lasts one week to several months

Alcohol: begins in 8 hours; peaks over the next few days; can a few weeks

Cocaine: begins within hours; peaks in a few days; lasts 1-10 weeks

Prescription Opiates: begins within 8-12 hours; peaks between 12-48 hours; lasts around 5-10 days

Methadone: begins in 24-48 hours; peaks in first few days; lasts around 2-4 weeks

Benzodiazepines: begins within 1-4 days; peaks in first two weeks; can last months or years

Depending on the severity and duration of the symptoms, a professionally supervised detoxification program may be recommended.

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