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Needless to say, the fight for marijuana legalization in Illinois has been raging for several years now. Last year in 2017, lawmakers gathered once again to push forward in the movement to legalize marijuana, but the situation has been nothing short of complex. While lawmakers have discussed options for pot businesses, emerging markets, the potential for opening up channels in the Illinois marijuana industry, we still have to wait to see additional action take place. Now, for the moment, the pro-cannabis community does not have to hold its collective breath, as a new voice for the little green plant has emerged from the chaos. Recently, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced he is fighting to secure marijuana as a means of funding the city. What are the details of his plans? Let’s take a closer look and find out more information.

Legalizing the Little Green Plant

Early this morning on December 12, 2018, Mayor Emanuel informed the public that he is planning to solve Chicago’s major problems with handling pensions through an unlikely source. According to him, one step of the plan involves the legalization of pot. Based on a local news report, Emanuel is fighting for Illinois to permit the sales, cultivation, and use of the little green plant so the state can establish a framework for the regulation and taxation of pot. As a result, local and state governments in Illinois will collect necessary revenue.

When you consider that, by 2020, Chicago will have spent $276 million in pensions, you may see why Mayor Emanuel is so eager to fight for this cause, as unusual as it may be.

Status of Marijuana in the Land of Lincoln  

At this point, the State of Illinois only has a medical marijuana program and does not permit the recreational use of cannabis. Since October 2018, 46,000 qualifying patients have been set up in the registry, while 55 licensed medical dispensaries have been set up. While recreational pot is illegal, though, Illinois has decriminalized the drug (being the 21st state to do so). Nevertheless, the problems with weed are still massive.

However, the marijuana community is hopeful for the future. In a recent interview with the Chicago-Sun Times, Governor-Elect J.B. Pritzker announced his plans to legalize marijuana to the full extent.

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