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When it comes to the big debate about drugs in our country, even the most steadfast conservatives have to wonder why hemp has been listed as an illegal drug for decades. Despite the fact that it is a variety of the Sativa plant (a marijuana species), hemp is actually nothing like its addictive and intensely psychoactive cousins and contains only scant traces of THC. In fact, this little herb is CBD-dominant and has always been revered as an essential element of textile, fabric, and rope production. Overall, this makes you think about why lawmakers placed it in the same restrictive groups as marijuana for all this time. However, thanks to the efforts of our government, this little plant is finally leaving the shadow of doubt (so to speak) and entering its glorious spotlight once more. That’s right. After all this time, hemp is now 100% legal in the United States once more. Let’s take a closer look at this historic event and find our some more information.

Big Time Cash Crop

Recently, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell added an amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill that would completely legalize the cultivation and farming of the hemp plant, and, after a long struggle, his efforts have finally paid off. On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, the Senate approved the new bill (including the hemp amendment), and President Trump will be signing it sometime this week.

According to McConnell, farming communities across America are excited about this new amendment, particularly in his home state of Kentucky. For years, he told the Senate Agricultural Committee in June, the number one cash crop in his state has been tobacco (a highly dangerous regulated drug). Now, the popularity of this crop has begun to drop, much to McConnell’s happiness.

So, what makes this turn of events particularly interesting? Some of hemp’s biggest supporters are from states that are totally against the legalization of marijuana.

Popularity of Hemp Medicine

Besides medical marijuana plants, CBD oil (a component in CBD-rich marijuana strains and hemp) has become a popular source of medication for people suffering from health problems or seeking alternatives for health and beauty. As a result, the CBD-rich hemp plant has become one of the most highly demanded resources inside and outside the pot community. In 2017 alone, retails sales for hemp products amounted to $820 million.

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