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Recently, the beer industry voiced concern over the possibility that the marijuana market could be a major competitor. (Given the fact that science has proven that marijuana is much less dangerous than alcohol certainly didn’t help the situation, either.) However, as more U.S. states and Canadian provinces start to loosen their grip and legalize marijuana, researchers are starting to take note of an unexpected pattern of events. As they discovered, the little green plant is not a threat to the alcohol industry whatsoever. In fact, you are probably holding one of their biggest competitors in your hands right now. That’s right. Instead of marijuana, smartphones are the most severe threat to the alcohol industry. How is this possible? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Smart Shopping and Dating Apps

According to the Brewers Association and Beverage Daily, the craft beer scene is starting to develop new ideas and attitudes. Simply put, fewer beer experts are voicing concern over the potential threat of the marijuana industry, an idea that had become ingrained in the minds of alcohol manufacturers for a long time. Overall, these individuals assumed that the average consumer would spend more money on weed than beer as part of their casual time. So far, that idea has sunk deeper into the muck of reality.

Based on a recent report from the Brewers Association, data drawn from marijuana-legal businesses did not show a decrease in the sale of craft beers. However, these researchers do see a potential threat from the sales of smartphones and dating apps. According to Bob Pease (CEO and President of the Brewers Association), many members of the alcohol market are viewing cannabis as just another product on the market.

Beer and Weed Join Forces

Now that the field is clearing, the craft beer industry is starting to change its proverbial attitude and may be joining forces with the marijuana market. In fact, it is not uncommon for beer companies to view the little green plant as a business asset instead of a competitive factor. As a result, some groups have partnered with cannabis companies to produce pot-infused products.

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