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Amazingly, in the first five days of the official legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts, two stores have brought in a staggering $2 million in the retail sales of the little green plant between November 20 and 25 (according to the State Cannabis Commission). Overall, these totals represent the amount of income for the New England Treatment Access (NETA) store (Northampton) and Cultivate (Leicester). On the very first day of sales, both stores sold over $440,000 of cannabis (and cannabis-related products), with one of the busiest times being (of course) Black Friday. During the first five days, NETA and Cultivate sold an estimated 56,000 units of marijuana to customers throughout the cities. Let’s take a closer look at this historic moment for the Bay State and find out more.

First Veteran, First Served

Interestingly, the first person in line at the New England Treatment Access store was an Iraq War veteran. During the opening last week, Stephen Mandile explained that he has been anticipating the legalization of the drug for nearly his entire adult life. While he had originally dreamed about this concept in high school, Mandile expressed his gratitude that veterans like him can have access to the drug.

Meanwhile, in Leicester, Cultivate had attracted so many customers during its opening that city officials had to call an emergency session to speak about problems with traffic congestion. Since the opening day, an estimated 1,000 customers have been visiting the shop on a daily basis. Dawn Gauthier, a resident of Leicester, explained that the living environment has become totally chaotic, and it is commonplace to have cars lined up around her driveway.

More on the Way

Given the success of NETA and Cultivate, you may not be surprised in the least to hear that more dispensaries are on the way. At this time, state regulators are preparing to issue licenses to stores that will be located in Salem, Wareham, and Easthampton. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has announced that the newest dispensary is projected to open in 2019.

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