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Heroin and drug addiction levels continue to rise in Humboldt County, where opioid-related overdose death rates are five times higher than the California state average. While high levels of meth and heroin are cause for concern in the region, the exceptionally high rate of opioid prescriptions per person is, according to officials, the chief cause of the addiction crisis.

The amount of improperly discarded needles has continued to rise and the regions homeless population has borne the brunt of the blame. The Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction distributes clean needles in an effort to minimize infection, but the center has come under attack for its methods and their perceived effects on the crisis.

Humboldt County is taking steps to help its citizens towards recovery. The county recently joined other California counties in a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies, and an opioid treatment center may soon be a part of the community.

This treatment center is vital to the future of this community, and we wish them the best in their efforts. If you’re facing addiction and need a helping hand, we at Asana Recovery are always ready to help. Recovery can be difficult, but you don’t need to go it alone.