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Addiction is a severely undertreated disease in the United States. While there are many reasons why this is the case, the failure to recognize the signs of addiction in oneself or others undeniably plays a major role. Knowing these signs can help ensure that necessary treatment is not overlooked or disregarded.

The following is a noncomprehensive list of some of the common signs of a substance addiction:

–      Increased tolerance for the substance and intensified cravings

–      Feeling suboptimal or experiencing other withdrawal symptoms upon disuse

–      Changes in physical appearance such as rapid weight loss or gain

–      Worsening hygiene or deteriorating health

–      Mood swings

–      Engaging in high-risk activities

–      Spending less time with old friends and more time with other substance users

–      Experiencing legal or financial trouble

–      Opting out of social activities

–      Secrecy, dishonesty, and lying

–      Unexplained absences, accidents, or injuries

–      Relationship problems

–      Abrupt changes in interests or eating and sleeping patterns

–      Overlooking and neglecting responsibilities

–      Persistent physical ailments

The existence of one or more of these signs should not be taken as evidence that someone is using a substance, but if someone who is known to use a harmful substance is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it could signify a deeper problem.

Addiction is judged on a sliding scale of severity. The more of these signs you may be experiencing, the more severe your addiction may be.

The Asana Recovery Center offers a comprehensive treatment program that can help those at any stage of addiction. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to learn more about our alcohol and drug treatment program today.

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