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Since the little green plant first entered the public spotlight in our country, multiple people have fought for the legalization of medical marijuana for the benefit of patients suffering from debilitating illnesses or injuries. As far back as the 1970s, Dennis Peron (often regarded as the Father of Medical Marijuana) kickstarted a revolution for medical-grade cannabis in San Francisco, California (ultimately inspired by his partner’s use of marijuana while suffering from AIDS) and ultimately helped the state officially approve the drug for patients. Meanwhile, the push for this form of alternative medicine rages on. Now, Epidiolex (a CBD-based seizure medication) has been approved as a non-controlled pharmaceutical drug in the United States. However, that is the key word: CBD. For years, medical experts and growers have fought to ensure this non-psychoactive substance reaches the medical spotlight. Let’s take a look at two of these men now.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam (Israel)

Continuing the work of Dr. Roger Adams (who isolated cannabis compounds), Dr. Raphael Mechoulam investigated the anti-seizure components of cannabidiol (CBD) by conducting tests on lab mice and human subjects. As far back as the 1960s, Dr. Mechoulam helped us advanced our current understanding of this cannabinoid’s complex structure and provided a strong framework for this chemical in modern society. Further down the road, chemists used Dr. Mechoulam’s findings as a springboard for future studies on the marijuana plant.

Dr. Geoffrey Guy (United Kingdom)

Back in 1998, Dr. Geoffrey Guy established GK Pharmaceuticals in an effort to explore the medical benefits of the marijuana plant and to distribute high-quality pharmaceutical cannabis-based medications to patients. In his business, Dr. Guy started cultivating marijuana plants and isolated their unique compounds for additional analysis. Later, using a collection of seeds produced by HortaFarm (a Dutch seed company), GW Pharmaceuticals eventually produced Epidiolex, the anti-seizure medication that is prescribed to children suffering from rare cases of epilepsy.

Kevin Jowdry (United States of America)

After founding Wonderland Nursery (Garberville, California), Kevin Jowdry received media attention for cultivating and distributing CBD genetics across the State of California. Likewise, in 2000, Jowdry worked during the emergence of Resin Seeds and Lawrence Ringo’s CBD-rich plants and worked tirelessly to isolate phenotypes and send them to farmers who sought CBD-heavy strains of marijuana.

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