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As of October 17, 2018, Canadians from Alberta and Saskatchewan to Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories celebrated the official legalization of recreational cannabis across their beautiful country (with certain specifications, based on provincial laws). Since that time, or neighbor to the north has been a hub for the budding multi-billion dollar cannabis industry and has become the seat of Aurora Growth Corp. Now, after a long and lengthy process, Ontario’s only outlet for legal recreational marijuana is finally back on track and ready to send out deliveries again, as announced by the provincial government. So what specifically happened and what impact could this have on Ontario? Let’s take a closer look and find out how the Ontario marijuana store got “back on track.”

Ontario Cannabis Store

Recently, Finance Minister Vic Fideli announced that the Ontario Cannabis Store (a government-run facility) will reinstate its one-to-three-day delivery period after a massive landslide of demands crippled the system last month (when cannabis was legalized). Unfortunately for Canada, this problem was shared by multiple groups across the country after a massive wave of customers purchased entire stocks of products in mid-October. In a recent statement, Fideli explained that the Ontario Cannabis Store has a large product supply, but the company was not prepared for the overwhelming demand. However, he did report that the store had received 100,000 orders on the first day, and the backlog has been cleared. Still, recent postal strikes might delay some shipments by 3 to 5 days (according to sources).

Additional Problems

Officially launched on October 17, the Ontario Cannabis Store currently serves as the only outlet for residents seeking to purchase recreational marijuana (at least, until the government sets up brick-and-mortar outlets in 2019). Since the store opened, Ontario’s ombudsman and his team were slammed with 1,000 complaints about problems with deliveries, customer service, and billing. Meanwhile, the Ontario Cannabis Store has also been in the hot seat due to a privacy breach (release of data related to 4,500 people). Mike Schreiner (leader of Canada’s Green Party) described these incidences as evidence of the government’s lack of transparency.

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