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Addiction is a difficult disease to treat. You become dependent on substances, such as drugs and alcohol, that hurt every aspect of your life. Your addiction can damage your health, your relationships, your career, and every other aspect of your life. However, what are the reasons that people turn to drugs and alcohol? Could anxiety play a role in why people turn to substance abuse?

Not every person who has an anxiety disorder will turn to drugs and alcohol. Everyone is different and has their own way of coping with the symptoms of anxiety. However, it is believed that some people do turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to deal with their anxiety disorder. Other people suffer from the symptoms of anxiety when they are in withdrawal from the substance to which they are addicted. Addiction and anxiety seem to be intertwined.

Statistics show that as much as 20 percent of individuals with a mood disorder such as anxiety will develop a substance abuse problem. The same goes for those who have alcoholism or a substance abuse disorder. 20 percent of those who abuse drugs or alcohol will have the symptoms of some type of a mood disorder.

The issue with using drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with an anxiety disorder is that substance abuse will often worsen the symptoms of anxiety. When trying to treat an individual for either anxiety or their substance abuse problem, it is essential to treat both of the problems. If you are just treating one of the problems, this will not help the other problem. Treating both will make it much more likely that the person will be able to be successful in their recovery.

Treatment is often based on therapy. Therapy can help treat both the anxiety issues and the substance abuse issues. Some recommend cognitive behavioral therapy for those suffering from addiction and anxiety. This type of therapy helps people to identify the problems they have, understand what is happening, and then they will take the steps they need to take to solve their problems.

At Asana Recovery, we understand that addiction may not be the only obstacle that someone is facing when they begin drug or alcohol addiction treatment. We work daily to treat both mood disorders and addiction in our residential treatment program. We give people the tools they need to cope with all of the issues that they experience in their lives throughout the treatment process.

Asana Recovery offers supervised detoxification and a residential treatment program. We treat people who are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction in a supportive, relaxing, and inspiring environment. Our most important commitment is making sure that you are able to lead a healthy life for the years to come. Do not wait one more day to start working towards a happier life. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to learn about what your options may be. We are available to speak with you any time of the day.