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It is never easy to watch the grasp of drug or alcohol addiction tighten its hold on a loved one. If a friend or family member is suffering from this disease, it can seem like their addiction has transformed them into a completely different person. Their priorities will change. Their friends may change. Even their personality could start to seem like that of someone else.

If your loved one is suffering from addiction, there are steps that you and a group of their family members and friends could take to help them. One way to address addiction is staging an intervention. An intervention involves consulting with an addiction counselor or an intervention professional. Family and friends will band together to confront the individual who is suffering from addiction. During this intervention, they will be asked to accept treatment for their problem.

Some of the ways you can show your loved one that they have a problem include telling them specific ways in which destructive behavior resulting from their addiction has hurt you or other people in their lives. You can explain a treatment plan that they may accept to start recovering. Each person can also explain how their relationship with the person will be impacted if they refuse treatment.

An intervention cannot be conducted on a whim. Every participant must decide on the consequences of the person not accepting treatment, make notes on what should be said, and gather all of the people needed for the intervention.  

Most of the time, an intervention is an extremely helpful tool in aiding your loved one with their problem. 90 percent of the time, the person will seek help following their intervention. Some people may also refuse help at the time of the intervention, though. However, you should not lose hope if this happens in your case. Frequently, the person will come back to one of the people involved in the intervention and ask for help after they have had some time to reflect on their addiction.

At Asana Recovery, we can help those who do choose to seek help after confronting their addiction. We understand that recognizing the problem is a major step in starting down the path to recovery, but there are many others to take. We work with individuals in all stages of recovery daily, helping them gain the tools they need to live a life free of substance abuse.

Asana Recovery offers supervised detoxification and a residential treatment program. We offer treatment in a supportive, relaxing, and inspiring environment. This environment we foster helps you to rebuild your life in the best setting possible. Learn how to live a happier and healthier life free of drugs and alcohol. Do not wait one more day to start working towards recovery. Call us at (949) 438-4504. We can give you more information on our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Call any time of the day. We are always available to discuss your next steps.