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For those of you who are grandparents, imagine the horror of realizing that your grandchild (or, in other cases, grandchildren) is living in the same household as an addict, which could potentially be your son or daughter. As a parent, you will definitely be concerned for the wellbeing of your children (who may be the ones suffering from substance abuse or addiction), but, in the end, they are still adults. On the other hand, your grandchildren are still juveniles who are preparing to emerge into a possibly amazing future. The last thing you want is their fresh minds to fall victim to abuse or negligence on part of the addict. So what can you do to make sure your little ones are safe? How can you protect your grandchildren and be there for them when they need you the most? Let’s take a closer look and find out more.

Drug Abuse vs. Child Abuse

As a grandparent, you automatically (and obviously) establish that your grandchildren must never live with an addict or an abuser. Every single child deserves a kind, loving parent who can guide them through the best and worst parts of life. Nevertheless, parents are still human and can fall to the same vices that other people can suffer from. Unfortunately, unless these adults are inflicting harm on the child (including neglect), drug abuse and addiction will not qualify as child abuse.

What You Can Do

Obviously, grandparents have several options for helping their grandchildren. Ensure these teens or little ones understand that there are adults in the family who adore them and who will show them the love they deserve. Likewise, nurture that loving relationship with the kids, so they may understand that, when the worst situations arise, they will not feel awkward or scared if the grandparents win custody. Also, introduce the children to extended family members, who may also take part in building loving, parental relationships.

However, above all else, never verbally point out the parent’s flaws to the child. When a child hears their grandparents attacking a parent, this can automatically throw a wrench into the future grandchild-grandparent relationship.

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