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Needless to say, celebrities always seem to play a major role in our lives, don’t they? From clothing brands to insurance companies, these men and women seem to pop up all over the place, waiting for the opportunity to demonstrate why a product works. Take country singer Brad Paisley, who is a new face for Nationwide Insurance, and Jennifer Aniston, who is a spokeswoman for Aveeno lotion. So, you can imagine that these high-powered people are more than eager to put a stamp of approval on products that, for lack of a better word, raise a few brows. Perhaps one of the best examples is how celebrities have latched onto the pro-marijuana movement, with some of the most significant figures being Snoop Dogg and Kristen Bell. However, one new supporter for the drug has voiced his opinion, and (in a fascinating twist) his fans are not happy about this. Let’s take a closer at how fans voiced concern over singer Shawn Mendes’ profession for loving marijuana.

Past Secrets Revealed

Recently, a cover story called Confessions of a Neurotic Teenage Idol revealed more mature and disconcerting aspects of Shawn Mendes’ life to his dedicated fan base. As part of the interview, the 20-year old singer revealed that he has a devoted love for marijuana and expressed interest in trying psychedelic mushrooms when he visited Amsterdam. In conversation with Rolling Stone, Mendes said that he finds weed to be an excellent reprieve and alleviant when he is not on tour and practicing at home.

While discussing his overseas trip, Mendes also shed more light on his desire to experiment with psychedelic mushrooms. Ultimately, as the article indicates, he was more than excited to try these mind-altering drugs. However, once the Rolling Stone story was published, Mendes expressed great distaste over the final document, claiming he was nothing like the insecure boy they portrayed.

Fan Reactions

Likewise, the situation only worsened when his die-hard fan base expressed great concern over his well-being and reached out to the singer via Twitter. In one case, a fan asked Mendes to clear the situation and explain more, while others suspected the claims about drugs were 100% fake.

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