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At some point during an intense work week, we have suffered from those sleepless nights, haven’t we? While some of us might take the route of calming tea or non-addictive sedatives, however, some people are turning to a surprising and yet somehow unsurprising solution: marijuana. In fact, research indicates that insomnia is one of the biggest reasons people starting using the little green plant in the first place. What you might not know is that this practice of using pot as a sleeping aid is nothing new. In fact, as far back as 1,500 B.C., Aryan settlers in the Indus Valley started using the plant to help them drift off to dreamland. (At least, that’s what historians from the 1950s have written.) So how does this fragrant herb stimulant sleep so well? Let’s take a closer look at why marijuana induces sleepiness.

Sedation on Behalf of THC

While you are definitely familiar with its psychoactive effects, THC is also an infamous culprit behind marijuana’s sedative effects. After being consumed, this cannabinoid completely disrupts focal points that control our biological clocks and happiness centers. In other words, THC directly impacts the flow of the neurochemicals melatonin (a sleep agent) and dopamine (a pleasure agent). Back in 1986, a study on the marijuana plant first shed light on the fact that THC could possibly interact with melatonin after a user consumed the herb.

Fragrant, Relaxing Terpenes

Besides THC, marijuana’s slew of beautiful terpenes can also induce sleepy-time dreams. In total, marijuana plants can produce an estimated 200 terpenes (also known as aroma molecules) which, combined in the right order, produce unique fragrances and flavors. Even more fascinating, cannabis happens to have a string of terpenes that stimulation sedation. One particular terpene called myrcene is an infamous contender, producing the “couch-lock” and hypnotic euphoria characteristic of the class “pothead” scenarios.

Interestingly, in 2002, scientists confirmed this theory after exposing mice to myrcene and two more terpenes. After being exposed to the myrcene, the rodents slept approximately 2.6 time longer than the other subjects.

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