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Did you know that recent studies indicate that 23% of humans might be naturally resistant to hangovers? As for the remaining 77%, these individuals are bound to suffer from agonizing headaches, overwhelming nausea, and potentially dangerous behavior associated with the 360-degree cycle of excessive alcohol use. However, have you ever wondered why humans suffer from this problem in the first place? Why do alcohol abusers and alcoholics have to endure this torturous situation after they have consumed too much of their intoxicating beverages? Besides the obvious problems related to the brain disorder itself, doctors argue that biochemical changes in the rest of our bodies are also directly linked to these disturbing side effects. Let’s take a closer look at why humans suffer from hangovers after consuming too much booze.

Too Much Booze, Not Enough Water

According to Dr. Chaun Cox (a physician at the Mayo Clinic Health System), one of the biggest reasons humans suffer from hangovers is a pretty obvious one: dehydration. As he explains, alcohol is a natural diuretic. Basically, the more booze a person consumes, the more frequently they have to visit the restroom.

Why does alcohol affect us like this, though? As Dr. Cox points out, alcoholic beverages contain substances called congeners, chemicals different from ethanol that are formed during the process of fermentation. Overall, these congeners and other chemicals (methanol, acetone, esters, tannins, and more) formulate the taste of non-distilled liquors. Dr. Cox explains that these substances are 100% toxic to the human body and will completely reverse natural cells processes. As a result, our bodies work hard to push out these contaminants (hence the frequent urination).

What Chemicals Prevent Hangovers?

So is there a cure for hangovers, particularly for individuals who have partied too hard and learned about drunkenness the difficult way? According to Dr. Cox, eating meals containing high levels of fat and protein will slow down the chemical processes induced by alcohol. In other words, congeners and other chemicals will remain in the intestinal tract for a longer period of time before being processed through the liver. Likewise, drinking plenty of water before overindulgence is another way to alleviate future problems, although the issue of alcohol abuse and alcoholism itself should not be taken lightly. Chicken, coconut oil, and water are not enough to help addicts endure their brain disorders.

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