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When you lay the cards on the table, you will begin to realize that the marijuana debate has extensively transformed our country, taking it to levels we never thought we could achieve. From practical applications in the medical field to cracking down on criminal activity, the gradual legalization of the little green plant has allowed the United States to explore opportunities for growth and healing (perhaps on the front of addiction treatment). Now, thanks to the efforts of one medical cannabis advocate, one research lab in Washington State has officially kickstarted the first cannabis-based research lab in the State of Washington, and the results are quite surprising. Let’s take a closer look at the first marijuana research lab in the beautiful Evergreen State.

Starting out Small

Initially, Jessica Tonani did not imagine that she would be an advocate for the cannabis plant. However, after she resorted to using the drug to cope with a gastrointestinal issue, she was surprised by how quickly the drug alleviated her nausea and her appetite problems. Now, Tonani is the CEO of Verda Bio, a biotechnology firm based in Seattle, Washington. Even more compelling, in November 2018, her company became the first recipient of the state’s first cannabis research license.

Ultimately, her company’s goal is to demystify the marijuana plant by helping people understand the different chemical components. To help people understand this concept, Verda Bio is going to start creating plants to identify singular cannabinoid compounds like THCV, CBDV, CBG, and CBC. Interestingly, cannabinoids like CBC help in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, similar to Tonani’s from a while ago. By creating plants with exclusively large quantities of these cannabinoids, doctors can better understand what chemicals fix which illnesses.

Long Time Waiting, Worthy Victory

Despite the long-term breeding cycle (four to five years), Tonani and other members of her company have exercised patience as they waited for the research license. However, unlike other entities, Verda Bio is not just a producer-processor, but also a grower-cultivator. Given the fact that the company’s activities are not being conducted on a federal level (which would mean all the transactions are illegal), all members can freely conduct research to pioneer a new horizon for marijuana.

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