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For a moment, consider that the beer costs approximately the same as water in Germany. Now, consider the fact that drinking booze in pubic is almost 100% illegal in this same country. Obviously, when you take a look at these two obvious facts, you may begin to ask a very important question: does this looseness with alcohol consumption lead to a culture centered on excessive drinking (which can potentially lead to alcoholism)? In part, you are definitely right. When placed among other countries in the world and in Europe, Germany’s numbers concerning drunkenness are infamously high. Still, are there any positives to be taken out of this discussion? Let’s take a closer look and find out more about how this beautiful country suffers from severe alcohol problems.

King of Booze

Based on reports from the World Health Organization, this region of Europe suffers from the highest intake of alcohol in comparison to all other regions across the globe and the most severe per capita consumption of booze (2 times as high as the world average).

Falling in fifth place after Luxembourg, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Ireland, Germany serves as a nation of some of the heaviest drinkers in Europe. Furthermore, only 5% of German residents are passionate teetotalers (individuals who completely abstain from drinking any beverages with alcoholic content), falling close behind Luxembourg. This means that German, in total, has one of the lowest percentages of abstainers in Europe, as well. Now, you might realize that this country has a major drinking problem.

The Poison of Alcoholism

According to Peter Lang (head of drug prevention and abuse at the German Center for Health and Education), alcoholism is a massive epidemic in Germany, but officials are not entirely sure why. In comparison to other countries like the United States and Sweden, certain practices are more acceptable. For example, being drunk during the day is 100% okay in Germany but might be chastised in other European or American communities.

So, what do the stats have to say?

  • 1.7 million Germans suffer from alcohol dependency and require rigorous treatment.
  • 2.7 million Germans use alcohol in a remarkably unhealthy, harmful way.
  • From 2001-2002, out of a population of 300 million people, 7.91 million suffered from dependency.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems is that, for lack of a better phrase, alcohol is too child-friendly in Germany. Despite the fact that the drinking age is set at 16 years, alcohol use is a commonality for German children, and you will commonly see teens and young adults getting smashed at rabid parties during the weekends.

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