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Did you know that tomorrow, December 8, is National Brownie Day? That means, on this special occasion, it is time to overindulge in all the rich chocolatey goodness that we can physical handle, even if it means going through two boxes of brownie mix. However, while some of us will be partaking in the chewy chocolate squares plain and simple, other people may decide to add a little extra boost to their butter while baking. Especially since the legalization of marijuana in multiple states, you can imagine that multiple people in the cannabis community will be adding plenty of the little green plant to their trays of brownies. However, did you know that pot brownies are actually celebrities of their own accord, particularly in films and television series? In honor of upcoming National Brownie Day, let’s take a closer look at some iconic scenes in TV shows that involved marijuana-infused brownies.

“Hash” – Barney Miller (Season 3, Episode 11: 1976)

When you have an episode literally named after a slang term for marijuana, you know you are going to be in for some serious laughs. Everyone familiar with the cop comedy genre is familiar with the beloved TV series Barney Miller, but this episode took things to a new level of extreme. After Detective Stan “Wojo” Wojciehowicz brings a tray of brownies to work, he east the treats but is fully unaware that his girlfriend laced them with pot. What follows is a bunch of innocent hijinks and insane antics that do not paint a bad picture of marijuana but do show you what happens with spiked brownies enter your life.

“The Road Not Taken: Parts 1 and 2” – Taxi (Season 4, Episodes 23 and 24: 1982)

For four seasons, fans laughed out loud as they watched the antics of drug burnout Jim Ignatowski (amazingly brought to life by Christopher Lloyd) as he provided poetic yet hilarious wisdom about drug culture to his friends. We are all familiar with this classic story of a pack of loveable outcasts who work at a taxi service in New York City, but one particular episode is especially noteworthy. In parts 1 and 2 of “The road Not Taken,” we learn that Reverend Jim was once a Harvard graduate. However, after eating a pot brownie offered by another student (played by guest star Tom Hanks), he became the beloved but eccentric character we know and love.

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