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Did you know that December is officially Drugged Driving Day? That means, across the United States, it is a time for us to remember individuals who have fallen victim to drugged drivers and consider how we can prevent future tragedies from taking place. Equally dangers as drunk driving, drugged driving is an unfortunate contributor to fatal motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). Like addition, however, it is one of the easiest problems we can prevent. Even more interesting, though, these rising cases of drugged driving can be directly tied to marijuana, a testy situation when you consider how popular the drug has become over the past couple of years. So, in time for the month of December, let’s take a closer look at some facts about drugged driving today.

Defining Drug-Impaired Driving

So, what exactly is drugged driving? Also known as drug-impaired driving, this incident occurs when a person has consumed drugs (including prescription medications, marijuana, or illegal substances) and has started to drive a vehicle while under the influence of one or more of these substances. As a whole, these drugs will induce chemical changes in the brain and make people lose focus, coordination, perception, and attentiveness. Even the smallest amount of these substances can impair cognitive and physical functions.

In fact, based on a national study, 22.5% of drivers who were on the roads at night on the weekend tested positive for one or more of these drugs: illegal, prescription, and OTC. Besides alcohol, marijuana is the most common drug reported by law enforcement officials.

The Problem with Roadside Marijuana

After the huge craze of marijuana in the modern media, you can imagine that law enforcement has to be on its collective toes as more and more people start to toke and drive at the same time. In fact, more than one-eighth of high school seniors has openly admitted to driving their vehicles while they were high on weed. Even more disturbing, 27% of American parents believe it is okay to drive while under the influence of marijuana.

(Keep in mind that the same rules of the road apply to pot-legal states.)

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