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When it comes down to it, treatment for drug or alcohol addiction should help the individual stop drug use, remain drug-free, and be productive again in society. Drug addiction is treatable, but what makes individuals doubt whether treatment will work for them are the severe withdrawal symptoms that follow abstinence from the drug. Flu-like symptoms, headaches, joint aches, intense cravings, and irritability are a few of the symptoms that occur during withdrawal.

These symptoms push the individual into a rut where they feel like the only escape is to use the drug again. This surpasses rational thought and even the most rational individual struggles with ignoring the cravings for the drug and the individual may go to great lengths to obtain the drug’s effects again. Despite these seemingly impossible challenges, treatment centers have proven themselves able to help individuals overcome their addiction.

An effective treatment center recognizes that addiction is a complicated disease of the mind and body. This treatment center will thus treat addiction that way and will provide multiple treatments that are designed around the individual’s specific needs. Not everyone is the same, and an effective drug treatment center will recognize this. All of the patient’s needs are also addressed because if a need is not met, the added stress could be enough to trigger a relapse after weeks of abstinence.

Treatment centers that truly understand addiction will be sure to extend treatment for the individual if they feel that the individual is not ready to back into the world alone. This is an important stage to ensure is correct because sometimes a former drug user can be let go when they have not yet fully recovered. However, it is difficult to predict whether an individual will relapse because there are psychological triggers like being around others who use drugs or going to the same environment where the drug use occurred, that can lead directly to relapse. Advanced treatment centers normally find ways around these triggers, teach effective ways to handle triggers when they pop up in life and provide resources to avoid triggers completely.

Effective treatment centers will have effective methods like behavioral therapies that consist of individual, family, and group counseling sessions. They will also provide medications that are specifically designed to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with the drug. These medications will be combined with therapy sessions to control the urges to use the drug while reconditioning the individual’s mind to avoid drug use and to envision a life where drug use is not needed to escape problems. Life issues will likely be addressed and coping strategies will be developed to handle the stresses of life. Stress is a big contributor to starting drug use and giving into relapse.

Consider seeking an effective treatment center if you or someone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Asana Recovery is an addiction center that offers detox, is CARF-accredited, and provides various therapies for specific needs. Behavioral therapies and alternative therapies are provided to clients along with counseling sessions. Call 949-438-4504 to learn more about their treatment services.