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Seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can be very difficult at first because there are several stages one goes through when trying to accept that they have an addiction. Denial is the first stage and continues the idea that the drug user is not an addict. This idea allows the user to believe that they are immune to addiction or that their addiction is not that bad. Individuals struggling with drug addiction are stuck in a rut of self-denial and dependence.

A way to break free from denial is to ask questions of reflection that could objectively reveal whether the individual should take action and seek treatment. Treatment costs money and can cost more money without insurance, but being addicted to drugs for a lifetime costs a lot more money and can cost the individual their life. The first question the individual should ask themselves is if their daily activities like work, socializing, and leisure time is being affected by their drug use. Are they spending more time seeking drug use or more time with others? If the individual is spending the majority of their time associated with drugs, then that individual should strongly consider seeking treatment because dependence on that drug has likely set in.

The individual must also ask themselves if they continue to use the drug despite the drug’s negative impact on mental health, physical health, and daily activities. If the individual continues to use the drug despite ill effects, then that individual is addicted to the drug. Addiction is defined as the dependence on a substance to the extent that the individual needs to maintain a constant supply of the substance in their body to function normally. At this stage of drug use, when dependence set in, the individual is likely experiencing withdrawal symptoms when the drug use is stopped. Withdrawal symptoms are similar to being sick and consist of fever, chills, sweating, and aching body parts.

Another question to ask involves tolerance. The individual must ask themselves if they have needed to up the dosage since their last use of the drug to feel the same effects. If the individual has upped the dosage several times and if the latest dose is significantly higher than the first, original dose, then the individual is experiencing tolerance to the drug. Tolerance to the drug is another factor of addiction and occurs because the individual’s brain starts adapting to the drug. The individual needs higher doses of the drug to obtain the same high.

When going to a treatment center, the individual should ask the staff questions to determine if the treatment center is the right choice. The most important question to ask a treatment center is what type of accreditation or licensing they have. If the treatment center is not legitimately accredited, then this treatment center may either be of little help or maybe a scam that could steal the individual’s money without helping the individual overcome their addiction. The individual should also ask if the treatment center provides detox and if they offer an individualized treatment program. Everyone is different and there are centers that base treatment off individual needs, but not all treatment centers practice this. Also, make sure to ask if the center works with insurance providers.

Consider seeking treatment if you or someone you know feels that they have a drug or alcohol addiction. Asana Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that offers detox programs, multiple therapies for various needs, individual counseling, and group sessions. This center is a CARF-accredited program that is very rigorous in their evaluations of treatment centers, which means that Asana Recovery is a higher standard treatment center. Call 949-438-4504 to learn more about their treatment services.