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Every time we turn around, the dreaded Opioid Crisis seems to be growing stronger, despite improved rules set into motion by the U.S. government. What is particularly disturbing is the fact that many of these dangerous substances can be received via a doctor’s prescription. However, authorities have recently warned citizens about a potentially lethal drug that has inched its way into headlines, starting with an infamous alert in 2016. Let’s take a closer look at the deadly new contender in the growing opioid epidemic: carfentanil.

The Components of Carfentanil

Spearheading a rash of opioid overdoses in New Hampshire, carfentanil is an especially deadly drug that is derived from fentanyl, a chemical that is much more toxic than heroin. In recent studies, researchers have determined the opioid is 10,000 times stronger than morphine and has a potency that is 100 times stronger than fentanyl. Even more disturbing, carfentanil is a primary drug used to tranquilize elephants and other large animals. These facts, above anything else, showcase how deadly this substance is to humans.

Dangers to the Public and Law Enforcement

Under the Controlled Substances Act, lawmakers have labeled carfentanil as a Schedule II drug and have stressed the importance of exercising caution while handling it. In fact, the drug is so dangerous that members of law enforcement and emergency/rescue teams can suffer severe side effects by touching or inhaling the substance. Even more frightening, Narcan does not seem to counteract a carfentanil overdose.

People who accidentally or purposefully consume the drug will exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Harsh breathing or complete respiratory failure
  • Lethargy and confusion
  • Cold skin
  • Shrunken pupils (pinpoints)
  • Heart problems or cardiovascular failure

Authorities have recently issued information to the public to help civilians identify the drug. Above all else, officials have stressed the importance of one fact: carfentanil can and will kill you. Presently, dealers are selling the drug under the guise of heroin, putting addicts lives at a higher risk than before.

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