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Drug addiction and abuse can wreak havoc on human minds and bodies. However, these horrible diseases take a completely different turn when an addict or an abuser takes too much of these deadly substances, resulting in a horrifying incident called an overdose. While resources exist to help people recover from these life-threatening situations, emergency personnel or loved ones do not always have the right resources to save lives. However, as a new study points out, one simple tool could not only reverse the effects of an overdose but also prevent death altogether. What is this new tool and what benefits does it provide? Let’s take a closer look at how overdoses can be reversed with the use of fentanyl test strips.

Saving Young Adults

As suggested by a new study, fentanyl testing strips could potentially save lives. Furthermore, according to a statement from Brandon Marshall (Brown University, Rhode Island), these strips could also serve as a means of intervention for young adults suffering from drug abuse or addiction. So why is this the case? Why are scientists supporting this claim?

Placed in the category of opioids, fentanyl is a powerful synthetic that is added to illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine since it is relatively hard to detect. In fact, fentanyl has been attributed to over 72,000 overdose-related deaths in the United States (2017), as research indicates. Synthetic opioids are a huge contributor to fatalities that stem from the Opioid Crisis.

Tracing the Untraceable

Overall, scientists hope that, if these young adults (or older adults, for that matter) can detect fentanyl through the use of test strips, they will stop using the drug out of fear. As part of the initial study, a team of researchers distributed the strips (not available commercially) to a group of 93 young adults who admitted to using opioids or purchasing heroin and prescription pills over the past month.

Mostly, a majority of the group used these strips and immediately switched gears. For instance, some of the test subjects detected fentanyl used the drugs more cautiously (or ensured someone accompanied them if they used the drug). So, while the strips might not prevent addiction, they serve as essential tools to help prevent overdoses.

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