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Rapper Curren$y Develops a Marijuana Strain Called Andretti OG


When it comes to mass marketing, celebrities tend to be some of the best tools for your business. After all, influencers are an effective tool for promoting a product or service. In the marijuana industry, the little green plant has a growing list of notable supporters. Besides the obvious contenders like Snoop Dogg and Whiz Khalifa, actresses like Susan Sarandon and Kristen Bell and athletes like Eugene Monroe have all lent their voice to the promotion of this fragrant herb. Now, another candidate has joined the fray by promoting a designer marijuana strain. Let’s take a closer look at rapper Curren$y and his marijuana strain called Andretti OG. See what significance it holds in the marijuana market.

Big Announcement

On Mostly Football in October, rapper and marijuana lover Curren$y was not shy about voicing his love for the little green plant. He was eager to showcase his signature strain Andretti OG on the program. Then again, he never has been shy about his love for this fragrant plant. On the program, the New Orleans native joined Martellus Bennett (the show’s host and former NFL linebacker), James Davis (a comedian), and Ben Lyons (a journalist) to talk about football, amongst other things.

On the sixth episode of Mostly Football, Curren$y talked about his relationships with Whiz Khalifa, Mos Def, and Lil Wayne. He also shed light on his love for the little green plant. At some point, Curren$y even commented about how his love for pot influenced Whiz Khalifa. He affectionately called him his “little brother.”

Andretti OG

At one point, Curren$y revealed how Khalifa introduced him to blunts and joints, prompting the rapper to bring out his signature strain Andretti OG. So where did this idea come from?

Recently, farmers spoke with Curren$y about forming a relationship to grow this plant variety. After developing the strain, they selected the name “Andretti OG,” based on Curren$y’s pseudonym “Spitta Andretti.” While he has grown multiple strains, however, the rapper proudly confirmed that OG was his favorite, so far.

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