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Every day, scientists are making breakthroughs with drug science and human health. Recently, researchers in Australia conducted the first clinical trial testing the benefits of marijuana on glioblastoma (a highly aggressive brain cancer), while NIDA scientists made a breakthrough discovery, in which lab rats demonstrated a preference for social attraction over an addictive substance. Overall, the more we learn about these dangerous or helpful substances, the more weapons we can have in our arsenal to fight addiction and dependence. However, in an interesting twist, sometimes the greatest weapons in the world are the microscopic ones in our bodies, as a recent NIDA study revealed. Let’s take a closer look at how boosting calcium content can prevent a range of mental problems including (you guessed it) substance use disorders.

Today in Cell History

Recently published in Cell Reports, a new paper reveals that a unique pathological mechanism may kickstart a variety of terrible diseases. According to the report, inside the cells in our body, a multitude of proteins and lipids are created by a structure inside our cells called the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Interestingly enough, however, the ER also serves as the calcium reservoir for the cells and produces the lipids and proteins that benefit our bodies. Meanwhile, each of the ER proteins is stored in the ER by the ER retention sequence (ERS), which keeps the substances locked on the ER tail. Furthermore, this “tail” is identified by the “KDEL receptor” and transferred back to the ER, a function that is highly critical to the preservation of the human body.

So, What about Addiction?

At this time, scientists at the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s (NIDA) Intramural Research Program have made an interesting discovery. When ER calcium levels drop, cell proteins swarm this mechanism and are dispersed to the outside of the cell. As a result, the ER loses function, and unwanted “expressions” outside the cell can result in a series of diseases including diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s cardiac problems, and (of course) substance use disorders. So what is the final outcome?

By increasing your intake of calcium, you may be able to prevent illnesses like substance use disorders.

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