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Professional Wrestlers Who Abused Performance Enhancing Drugs


When push comes to shove (quite literally in this case), professional wrestling is a bit of a mixed case in the world of athletics. On one hand, the Olympic Games feature high-grade men and women. These athletes gather together to lock arms in some of the world’s most prolific stadiums. On the other hand, there is the world of televised sports entertainment version. The most notable and the most notorious being the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Network and Impact Wrestling. While the debate about steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs (PED) with professional wrestlers has gone on for decades, the names of some users may surprise you. Here are two professional wrestlers who show the good and bad outcomes of abusing performance enhancing drugs.

Eddie Guerrero

Fans of the WWE Attitude Era will recognize the name of this wrestling legend. Unfortunately, Eddie Guerrero’s abuse of performance-enhancing drugs cost him his life. In 2005, the superstar died from a sudden heart attack. This happened only a few days after he had retrieved PEDs from Signature Pharmacy (Orlando, Florida). According to reports, the drugs had consisted of two steroids (testosterone and nandrolone) and anastozole (a form of estrogen that blocks the growth of female breast tissue). While doctors did not initially determine if these drugs caused Guerrero’s death, researchers use the late wrestler’s case as a viable confirmation of the link between steroid abuse and cardiovascular failure.


Born Adam Joseph Copeland, the wrestler Edge did not have to admit to his use of steroids. Initially, his physical transformation in 2005 was enough to reveal his abuse to fans. From the start of his career to stardom, Copeland changed from a lean athlete into a muscular powerhouse thanks to the use of PEDs. However, the superstar later confessed that he cared more about his career than his gigantic physique. In an interview, Copeland explained that the drugs were impeding his wrestling ability and his emotional well-being. If anything, his experience is an example of overcoming abusive behavior.

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