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The pride one deservedly feels after successfully completing a treatment program and entering recovery can make a relapse feel particularly devastating. It is important to keep things in perspective and remember that relapse is very common.

Many chronic diseases have relatively high relapse rates, ranging from 30%-50% for Type 1 diabetes and from 50%-70% for hypertension and asthma. The 40%-60% relapse rate for substance addiction is completely normal. It does, however, mean that many of those in recovery are likely to experience a relapse at some point and they should be prepared to deal with that scenario should it come to pass.

Maintaining a positive outlook in the aftermath of a relapse may be difficult, but it can be critical to your recovery. Viewing relapse opportunity address problems with your treatment plan can help ameliorate feelings of frustration. Use your relapse to identify new or additional triggers and learn from your mistakes.

In addition, staying positive may make it easier to reach out for help and support. Being open about relapse will make it easier to get the help you need. The earlier you admit your relapse to sponsors, doctors, and loved ones, the easier it will be to prevent the relapse from becoming a full-blown addiction.

The treatment of a relapse often depends on the severity of the situation, but you should never be afraid to return to treatment if you deem it necessary.

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