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Co-occurring disorders, formerly called “dual diagnoses,” refers to the condition of having a substance addiction and mental health disorder simultaneously. Because people with mental health disorders are more likely to develop a substance addiction in the first place, co-occurring disorders are a common affliction. Indeed, around 8 million Americans are believed to suffer from co-occurring disorders every year.

Some of the most common combinations of substance addiction and mental health disorders are:

– Alcohol addiction & antisocial personality disorder

– Heroin addiction & depression

– Cocaine addiction & anxiety disorder

– Opioids & post-traumatic stress disorder

– Marijuana & schizophrenia

Due to the complexity and overlapping nature of the symptoms involved, co-occurring disorders can be difficult to diagnose, and one of the disorders may be left untreated. The failure to properly treat one of the disorders can be devastating, leading to a higher likelihood of relapse, death, homelessness, suicide, and incarceration.

Professionals are in uniform agreement that the simultaneous, integrated treatment of both disorders is the best approach. Finding a treatment center with the resources needed for integrated treatment will be critical.

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