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Over the course of several years, the little green herb marijuana has left quite a significant impact on the world, in more ways than we could ever have imagined. At this time, doctors and other medical professionals are conducting research on the potential health benefits of this drug at locations around the world. Likewise, as more and more countries begin to fully legalize medical cannabis, more discoveries are made every day. What is particularly fascinating is the application of marijuana in cancer treatment. Recently, medical researchers have discovered that the plant might contain anti-tumor properties (which cured breast cancer tumors in female lab mice). Still, it looks like Australia has officially taken medical marijuana studies to a level we could never have predicted. Let’s take a closer look at some updates for the first clinical trial for brain cancer treatment with marijuana.

First of Its Kind

At this time, two Australian researchers are preparing to make history by conducting the world’s first clinical study to determine if marijuana can suppress glioblastoma, a deadly variety of brain tumor. On average, 1000 Australians are diagnosed with this aggressive growth each year, and fewer than 5% of victims survive after a period of 5 years. In the wake of landmark research on marijuana and brain tumors, Dr. Janet Schloss (a Brisbane naturopath) and Professor Charlie Teo (a famous neurosurgeon) will be the first researchers to study the effects of highly potent cannabis oil as an accompaniment to chemotherapy and surgery.

Ultimate Goals

In a recent interview with 4BC, Dr. Schloss referenced two studies as two preceding elements for the upcoming cancer trial. Recently, in Spain, researchers discovered that medical marijuana not only reduces tumor growth (and size) but also lengthens a patient’s lifespan. Meanwhile, GM Pharmaceuticals conducted a similar study that produced identical effects.

Soon, Dr. Schloss and Professor Teo will conduct the randomized trial at Endeavor College of Natural Health. As part of the study, patients will consume a 2 mL dose of THC before bedtime. BioCueticals will be distributing the cannabis oil to the researchers.

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