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In 2017, author Isabelle Claudet reported that, despite the fact that marijuana consumption in France is completely illegal, the country boasts the highest rate of weed use in all of Europe. As the great marijuana debate continues to rage throughout the world, parents across different countries, experts have warned parents about how the drug could seriously harm young children, but France (in particular) has a pretty nasty case on its hands. Over an 11-year period (2004-2014), emergency rooms admitted 235 children who suffered from marijuana intoxication (a 133% rise in admission rates, overall), and poison control centers experienced a 312$ increase in cases involving children. However, one of the most disturbing events to occur in France is making headlines in European news for several reasons. Let’s take a closer look at why a French baby ended up comatose after consuming marijuana, and what significance this holds in the cannabis debate.

Emergency Situation

Recently, the British press reported that a 10-month old French baby required immediate hospitalization after consuming raw cannabis flowers. After checking their child into an emergency room for treatment, the child’s parents were subsequently arrested by Lyon police, who charged the baby’s father with child neglect and the administration of a dangerous substance. Even more disturbing, lab results revealed the baby had traces of cocaine and ecstasy in its bloodstream, as well. At this time, authorities and medical personnel have not released any more details concerning the 10-month old’s condition or the case itself. However, the media is connecting this tragic accident to another incident that sparked controversy in the United Kingdom.

Changing Tracks

Earlier this year, officials at the London Heathrow Airport confiscated THC & CBD oil from a mother, who was returning from Canada after purchasing the medication for her son. Her child, 12-year old Billy Caldwell, suffers from a deadly form of epilepsy, but, due to strict laws in the UK, his mother was forced to obtain the medication from an alternative source (Canada). Public outrage over the incident was so strong that British Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced the government would re-review its cannabis policies, possibly taking a new stance on medical marijuana.

Overall, the media has connected this incident to the French baby, as both incidences have sparked controversy concerning marijuana and children.

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